Pregnancy and New Year's Eve Fun Are Possible!

In the past, New Year’s Eve has always been a great excuse to shimmy into a tight dress, slip on a pair of high heels, hit the club, and dance the night away – with a drink in hand.  This year, of course, things are going to have to be different if you are pregnant and can’t muster the strength to stay up past 11:00 PM. 

While many pregnant ladies are more than happy to hit the bars and drive their tipsy friends home, you might prefer to do something more sober. If you still haven’t firmed up your plans, here are some suggestions for an alcohol-free (but fun) New Year’s Eve.

  • Movie Night
    • While most movie theaters are open on New Year's Eve, consider staying in with your partner or a group of friends and having a movie marathon. Set up a popcorn station with different flavor mix-ins (like chocolate candies, nuts, or powdered cheese). Just be sure to switch the movie off at midnight so you can watch the ball drop!
  • Comedy Club
    • Head out to a comedy club or an improv show and ring the New Year's in with giggle.
  • Host a Party
    •  Loads of people - even those who like to party on New Year's Eve - are over the club or bar scene. It's expensive and crowded. So consider hosting a party at your house instead. Create a fun theme and plan activities that don't necessarily include alcohol.

There are lots of healthy ways to ring in the new year! Just be creative and get out of the mindset that New Year's Eve has to include over indulging in alcohol and rich food.

Dr. Strebel and Dr. Grolle wish you a very Happy New Year!